“your daily does for living a healthy life

Hi, I am Stans John the founder of Dejavunaturals. I started Dejavunaturals in 2010 as a natural hair source for information. I am a creative person, spiritual, strong minded and very driven. I love making and do anything creative. I am a student of life, which means I love learning new things, acquiring knowledge in areas and sharing what I have learned.

My goal was to take my audience on my journey to healthy natural long hair and acquired knowledge on natural hair care. I quickly realized my journey was so much more than just healthy hair. I had been natural my entire life but would occasionally straight my hair every summer. This would caused a great deal of damage to my hair. This is what lead me to research and later discovering the natural hair community on youtube.

Over the years as I have grown, so has my interest. Relaunching my blog has been a long time coming, with a new direction and focus. Dejavunaturals is your daily dose for living a healthy and creative lifestyle. The plan is to focus on living a healthy life, by focusing on the wellness of our mental and physical health. My goals is to use creativity as an outlet to express myself.

Stick around there is lots of goodies in store for you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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