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Happy Sunday!

Today just feels like the type of day to relax and take it easy, especially with all the rain. I know for a lot of you that isn’t the case, and it maybe hard, but find moments to quiet the mind. As a result, balance is important not only for your life but also for your mental well being. Focus on yourself for one moment.

How do you feel today? What emotions are you carrying around?

Self Care Tips:

  • Mediate and pray
  • Spend time alone or with the people you love.
  • Eat healthy and enjoy your favourite meals.
  • Relax, burn candles and incense.
  • Laugh, find moments that make you laugh out loud and smile.
  • Be intentional with your day and your energy.
  • Pamper yourself, a back rub, hair done, nails done.
  • Do whatever suits your soul
  • Write and release
  • There is nothing better than morning hugs from the ones you love.

I know this isn’ t the case for everyone & not everyone has this luxury. If it’s just taking five minutes to collect yourself, do it. If it’s five minutes of mediation, do it. Five minutes to stretch, laugh and write…Do it. Again do what suits your soul and what drives you.

The Goal is Self Care!

~Stans John

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