The Reset by Stansia John 2021

The Reset is a guide to practice self growth and personal development daily. This version is one page and free to all who want to participate in the challenge. This is the simplified personal development guide.

Firstly, The Reset is to help you with your daily personal development throughout the year. These methods can be used several times to correct behaviour that is hindering your progression. In this guide ebook/guide I take you on a brief journey to lay out your goals, choose behaviours that need to be address, mindfulness and a final step breakdown. You will begin to understand why you aren’t able to complete task, stick to goals, but also maybe address emotional and psychological things one day at a time. It challenges you to choose behaviours you need to address and try to tackle them each day of your life.

For example: if you are always late to work, try to be on time for five days. This would include breaks and lunches as well.

For example: if you would like to pray more, try to pray every morning or night for five days or as you choose.

For example: maybe you are dealing with emotional and psychological de-stress, maybe start taking steps each day looking at available options such as therapy, reading, mediation.

Hope these examples are helpful

However, this guide helps improve your life and gain success in 2021. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be in a better position by the end of 2021 if you focus on corrective behaviour when addressing those vices that hinder your life progression.

Remember to complete the handouts as directed. There are handouts that needed to be completed before you begin your five day challenge. You should try to only focus on one area at time. If you fail make sure to always pat yourself on the back.

Thank you for supporting me and taking this challenge.

This is the free simplified personal development guide.


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